Can I Continue Going To Outpatient While Living At A Sober Living?

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The term “sober living houses” describes communal housing for addicts in recovery. All occupants commit to abstaining from alcohol while residing there. They also consent to submit to any requests for drug tests.

Outpatient Care and Sober Living for Recovery Success

People can maintain their recovery by combining a tidy house with sober living and ongoing therapy with outpatient treatment. For others still struggling with addiction, sober living homes offer more accountability.

In sober living, people can start a new life and concentrate on one step at a time:
• Locating accommodation
• Acquiring a job
• Pursuing their recovery program.

You can prioritize what is essential by enrolling in a sober living program that compels you to attend meetings and participate in heavy activities.

Additionally, it is strongly advised that patients receive outpatient care concurrently. People can concentrate on their outpatient rehabilitation program in the sober living home because housing needs are taken care of.

Only a portion of the day and a few days a week are used for outpatient therapy. It enables people to continue receiving counseling and retaining accountability while working.

Is it a Good Idea to Live in Sober Living and Attend Outpatient Treatment at the Same Time?

Outpatient rehab can be an excellent option for addiction therapy for everyone willing to pursue rehabilitation with a focus on themselves.

Another fantastic choice is to follow a brief inpatient program with an outpatient recovery program. While receiving outpatient treatment, patients can still attend jobs or school.

Sober living facilities offer a controlled atmosphere, dependable access to on-site assistance, and direction for creating long-term, sustainable plans for recovery.

A sober living facility might be the best choice if you are apprehensive about participating in outpatient recovery but still desire the liberty it provides.

Every outpatient program requires participants to commit to a set amount of weekly therapy time. It might only take 12 hours with a simple outpatient program.

Here are a Few Examples of Regulations That Sober Living Facilities Might Have:

• Residents could have to get up at a specific hour every morning and come home at a particular hour every night. On the weekends, curfew is frequently slightly extended.

• It may be mandatory for tenants to participate in daily check-in with the other home occupants. Residents discuss any problems or difficulties they may be having during this check-in, and they let the support staff know what they plan to do for the day.

• All tenants may be expected to participate in daily housework and to maintain their personal spaces neat and orderly. Additionally, common areas must be kept tidy.

• Residents may be obliged to work and maintain gainful employment unless they return to school or regularly volunteer.

• Every day of the week, residents may be urged to attend at least one recovery meeting and to provide documentation of participation.

• Residents must maintain perfect sobriety and refrain from all chemically induced mood- and mind-altering substances.

• A resident is subject to a drug test if support staff suspects they have relapsed. If a resident relapses, they will be moved back to a higher level of care under closer observation.

• Residents and the sober house owner must agree before moving in. Residents may be requested to pay rent weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

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You can learn how to develop and maintain a home environment that supports your achievement from sober living facilities. We can assist you if you’re seeking outpatient treatment and want to learn more about your options for a sober life. Call us at 866-963-7200.

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