Can You Taper Off Crystal Meth?

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Mind-altering substances can be quite alluring and offer users feelings of euphoria, invincibility, and pain resistance. That said, these drugs often possess highly addictive properties that eventually render many users dependent.

Dependence can have significantly adverse impacts on a addict’s life. When such problems arise, many afflicted subjects yearn to stop using said chemicals. However, the body and mind often grow so dependent on these substances that cessation precipitates withdrawal symptoms. In some cases, such manifestations can prove agonizing and possibly even life-threatening.

One such drug is crystal meth.

Crystal Meth Overview

Known scientifically as methamphetamine, crystal meth is a stimulant substance known to increase one’s strength, alertness, vitality, and increased feeling of overall well-being.

Beginning roughly six or seven decades ago, amphetamines begun receiving widespread distribution from reputable medical community members to address legitimate health concerns, such as obesity, depression, and narcolepsy.

Meth, as the drug is often nicknamed, has been used for recreational purposes since the 1960’s. However, a more dangerous, man made form of the substance called crystal meth has been in circulation since the 1980’s.

The drug is relatively easy to manufacture in makeshift locations known as meth labs and can be ingested using numerous different avenues such as:

  • Smoking
  • Injecting
  • Snorting
  • Through powdered mixed preparations

Additionally, the substance can be placed into capsule or pill forms to be taken orally.

The drug is often preferred for recreational, stress-busting, or mental clarity-producing purposes because it is considered longer-lasting and capable of precipitating more intense impacts than other commonly used recreational substances.

That said, these perceived benefits do not last for extended periods. Ergo, users must take the drug with greater frequency and often in increasingly larger doses to achieve intended aims.

Systemic Impacts

Usage of crystal meth can exert appreciably negative influences over the body and mind.

Even short-term ingestion could result in noticeable health consequences, including insomnia, decreased appetite, noticeable weight loss, heartbeat irregularities, rapid breathing, high blood pressure, and an elevated body temperature.

Long-term effects can be pronounced and include:

  • Significant oral care problems
  • Bodily itching
  • Aggressiveness
  • Disrupted sleeping patterns
  • Cognitive concerns like concentration difficulties and memory loss

That said, researchers, medical professionals, and addiction specialists maintain that crystal meth’s most serious lasting impact is on the mental state of chronic or dependent users.

Over time, the drug precipitates a discernible change in brain chemistry. Most notably, this references concentrations of dopamine, a critical brain chemical impacting mood, coordination, and learning capacity.

Should the addict stop using the substance in time, such problems could reverse themselves. However, in a solid percentage of cases, permanent and potentially severe cognitive and mental health issues could arise, like paranoia, violent tendencies, emotional disturbances, and an heightened risk of developing nerve-impacting ailments like Parkinson’s disease.

Can One Taper Off Crystal Meth?

The potential for significant, lingering damage renders this drug a substance that could prove dangerous to attempt to gradually wean a dependent off of. Rather, addiction experts maintain that cessation of the drug through medically supervised detox is usually the most effective and safe way to help a dependent rid the product from their system.

Medical professionals opine that abruptly stopping usage will produce a number of physical withdrawal manifestations. That said, these same healthcare providers opine such symptoms are typically not life-threatening and preventing permanent mental or cognitive problems is of greater importance.

In many instances, such professionals opine that the most appropriate establishment to receive treatment is inside an inpatient treatment facility. At said entities, therapy is often administered in stages.

The first stage is detox. During this event, the patient stops using meth and is closely monitored and appropriately treated when withdrawal symptoms necessitate intervention.

However, after achieving physical withdrawal, the recovering addict must learn to cope with the mental cravings and all other associated aspects of attaining and maintaining sobriety. These issues require structured counseling and participation in numerous programs geared towards achieving such aims.

Inpatient treatment can last for varying time frames depending upon the patient’s specific needs and a host of other factors.

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