How Often Does a Sober Living Drug Test?

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A sober living home is an option that is meant to help you transition to independent living after you’ve finished your first phase of addiction treatment. Some people may only need to stay in this type of home for a few weeks. Others may choose to live in a sober residence for longer. However long you intend to stay, going into your new living environment with realistic expectations helps you get the most out of your treatment plan. How often a sober living home drug tests its residents can vary according to their policies and the way they deal with suspected cases of relapses. Usually, these tests are done on a daily or weekly basis, but they may also occur at random intervals.

Why Do Sober Living Homes Do Drug Tests?

The leaders in your sober living community don’t do drug tests to punish you or make you feel uncomfortable. They offer drug tests as an option for making sure that the home stays free of drugs and alcohol. Every person staying in the home has chosen to do so to avoid being faced with temptation. In this type of environment, the safety and security of each person living there depends upon what other people choose to do. If one person brings drugs or alcohol to the home or shows up intoxicated, then others are vulnerable to experience a relapse as well.

Drug tests mean that you can trust that everyone in your home is on the same page and committed to doing the right thing. On a personal level, knowing that a drug test could happen at any time may be what you need to stay accountable for your sobriety. No one wants to face the possible repercussions of failing a drug test, and you may use this opportunity to remind yourself of how much you have to lose when you experience a craving or consider buying drugs or alcohol. While it might seem a little invasive at first, the truth is that accepting frequent drug tests could make the difference between you having a relapse and staying sober.

What Happens If I Fail a Drug Test?

This is another area where you want to be clear with your sober living home when you agree to the residential policies. In some sober homes, a failed drug test means immediate dismissal from the residence and program. This is typically done to protect the other residents from a relapse, and the drug tests wouldn’t be effective if there weren’t consequences for failing one. While this may seem harsh, sober living homes often have support systems in place to help you get back on track. Some homes will let you come back if you complete a treatment program.

Others may allow for a warning depending upon your reasons for having the relapse. Failed drug tests are dealt with on an individual basis, and what could happen to you is between you and the sober living home’s staff. The best way to avoid a failed drug test is to come clean as soon as you know that you’re struggling with an issue. Talking to someone that you trust can help you to make the decision not to do drugs. If you admit to using them, then you may be able to come to an agreement for treatment that allows you to stay in or come back to the sober living home.

What Other Ways Do Sober Homes Encourage Accountability?

A drug test isn’t the only way that your sober home will help you stay sober. You may be asked to agree to doing some of these things.

  • complete a daily chore
  • help with meal planning and cooking
  • keep a job or volunteer
  • mento new members of the residence

Group meetings are also a huge part of sober living communities, and attending your therapy sessions help you to handle any challenges that you encounter with passing a drug test. Making sure to meet all of the expectations helps you to enjoy stress-free sober living that makes it possible to move towards having more independence. Do you have more questions about sober living homes? We can help you connect with someone in your preferred sober home that can answer all of them. Give us a call at 866-963-7200. today.

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