How To Set Boundaries In A Sober Romantic Relationship?

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Romantic relationships often face numerous challenges. For those recovering from addiction, said associations can present even greater complications. Therefore, those embracing or attempting to maintain sobriety must establish boundaries.

The Importance Of Boundary Setting

Unfortunately, many recovering dependents failed to set limitations or adhered to very unrestricted mandates during their time as an addict. Such events laid the foundation for the chemical reliance to begin and, above all, morph into an uncontrollable obsession.

Addiction treatment professionals maintain that users often set unhealthy boundaries involving:

  • Following the value sets of others
  • Not being true to oneself
  • Displaying inconsiderateness
  • Acting reckless and impulsive
  • putting oneself or others down

In addition, dependents also often transfer responsibility to others. For example, said subjects may blame different individuals for their dependencies and the reasons said addictions commenced.

Moreover, addicts seldom set limits on their habits or associations. Said individuals often cannot differentiate between acceptable and unacceptable boundaries and associate with subjects who encourage not criticize questionable or even detrimental actions.

Addiction industry specialists opine that establishing boundaries are crucial. In many instances, said professionals maintain that these problems can be traced back well into a user’s past. When boundaries are not established, the addict has no frame of reference to abide by or in understanding of when certain actions should be stopped.

Healthy boundaries in serious relationships are forged on the basis of honoring positive emotions and traits like trust and respect. Individuals who trust and respect others and themselves care about feelings and take responsibility for their actions.

Moreover, those living within healthy emotional boundaries are not afraid to allow themselves or their partners or loved ones to comfortably and calmly express their feelings. Furthermore, they are not offended when such feelings are conveyed with force and assertiveness if need be. Ergo, there are no secrets, lies, or withheld opinions or expressions.

How To Set Boundaries?

Fortifying or continuing a romantic relationship can prove challenging for a newly sober subject. Fortunately, said individuals might be able to set suitable boundaries by engaging in actions like:

Setting Limits

With boundaries come limits. Relationship parties must be open and honest from the beginning in disclosing what actions and events each person will and will not accept.

Establishing A Suitable Pace

Recovering addicts are strongly urged to ensure new or existing romantic relations establish an acceptable pace. Occasionally, outings, intimacy, and other occurrences pertinent to healthy relationships might have to be tempered to take pressure off the former dependent and allow said soul to focus on the recovery process.

Avoiding Enabling

Sometimes romantic partners or other close relations enable bad behavior. Said action is extremely detrimental to the success of any long-term romantic relationship. Engaging in activities, such as looking the other way, making excuses for someone’s questionable doings, or trying to convince oneself that things are not that bad only renders these trying circumstances far worse.

Favoring Evaluation

There is no shame in performing a thorough relationship evaluation. Relationship experts and treatment industry professionals maintain that participants in a sober romantic association should periodically examine the health of their encounter, highlight what has been working, and identify areas where improvement may be warranted.

Never Sleeping On Recovery

The feelings and well-being of a recovering addict’s romantic partner are important to maintaining the continued health of the association in question. That said, the healing subject must always place a significant emphasis on their recovery.

The fact that sobriety-maintenance is a life-long process cannot be stressed forcefully enough. Moreover, focusing on sobriety also means engaging in actions geared towards preserving said state.

The Challenges Associated With Setting Boundaries

The boundary setting process will not be without challenges. Those seeking to preserve or strengthen a sober romantic relationship are urged to:

Pay Attention To Outside Influences

Occasionally, everyone must let go of people and places that precipitate problematic thoughts or behaviors. Therefore, healthy associations often thrive based on the associations said parties share. Both the recovering subject and their partner must quickly rid themselves of any negative influences.

Avoid Or Limit Temptations

Healing souls need to avoid or limit exposure to potential temptations. For example, recovering alcoholics are firmly urged to refrain from frequenting locations or events where alcohol is served or plentifully consumed.

Establish A Suitable Environment

If one’s current environment precipitated substance abuse, said atmosphere needs to be changed immediately. Such locations include a healing individual’s:

  • Workplace
  • Residence
  • Neighborhood
  • Social settings

In certain instances, even the city one currently resides in must be altered. The key issue is getting away from tempting or negative emotion-inducing environments.

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