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Fear is normal to feel at times and is a common human emotion that can help to protect you in different situations. Unfortunately, many people become plagued by fear and can have difficulty coping with the emotion. Fear can trigger many individuals to start using drugs or alcohol as a way to numb the discomfort and put their minds at ease. Although different substances may offer temporary relief, it can be easy to develop an addiction when the worry or fear returns. Getting to the root of the issue is key to coping with your feelings. There are a few effective ways to learn how to replace your fear with acceptance.

Never Avoid Your Fears

It can be easier to pick up alcohol or drugs rather than face your fears and avoid how you feel. Instead, you should face it head-on to ensure you feel more in control of your emotions and thoughts. You can’t expect to move forward and make progress if you don’t take the time to process your fears. Start by giving yourself five minutes to examine your fear and think about how long you’ve worried about it. Think about when it started and what may trigger it. If you begin to feel stressed and anxious, stop and take a break. Each day, increase the amount of time facing your fear, which can allow you to become more comfortable with it. Once your fears start to feel more familiar, they won’t have as strong of a hold on you.

Focus on the Positives

The problem with fear is that it focuses you to have a negative mindset and allows your mind to go to the worst places, which can make it easier to resort to using drugs and alcohol to cope with the feelings. Instead, get into the habit of focusing on the positive to avoid feeling like the world around you is scary and dangerous. When you find yourself being afraid of your fears, shift your focus to the ocean, flowers, kindness, and all of the beauty you’ve experienced in life. Focusing more on the good that you’ve experienced in life can change your focus and minimize your fears.

Obtain Support

It can be difficult to overcome your fears without the help of other people. Look for a therapist or counselor who can meet with you regularly to discuss your emotions. They can provide you with an outside perspective and help you consider new ideas that can make your fears less scary. In many cases, they can walk you through your fears and even have a plan for what you would do if your fear were to manifest. You can learn tips and techniques on what to do when your fears start to trigger anxiety.

Talking out loud and having the support of another person can allow you to feel stronger and less alone. Your family members and friends can also provide you with an assessment of your fears and talk to you about if they’re rational. Obtaining support from other people in your life can make it easier to accept what you can’t change and feel like you’re prepared for the future, even if it’s out of your control.

Love Yourself

Your relationship with yourself can determine how easily you’re able to manage and face your fears. Have compassion for yourself to ensure you can begin the healing process. Understand that fears are normal and can be overcome with the right tools and resources. Avoid being too hard on yourself. Having compassion for yourself may require spending time journaling every day or speaking words of affirmation to yourself. It may also require having boundaries with other people who don’t love or respect you. Reflect on your suffering to understand why you may be hard on yourself or become triggered easily and react with compassion. Accepting that you may always have fears in life can make it easier to avoid running away from them and have more control of your feelings. Loving yourself also requires avoiding perfection. The world can be a difficult place to live in and is full of challenges and trials, making it necessary to give yourself patience and grace.

Life can be messy, which makes it impossible and unwise to attempt to be perfect. If you want to learn more about how to replace your fear with acceptance, you can talk to our professional counselors 24/7. Contact us today at 866-963-7200 to get help.

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