What Are Some Of The Rules Of A Sober Living Facility In Florida?

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A sober living facility is where residents are supervised by center staff 24 hours a day and have access to individual rooms. Residents often have responsibilities like chores and keeping up to date on prescribed counseling sessions. The house can provide support for things like employment, health care, counseling and education, and recreational activities.

The facility’s purpose is to provide a supportive environment where residents find it easier to abstain from substance abuse. Residents are encouraged to participate in programs that help them deal with underlying issues that may be contributing to their drug and alcohol problems.

Some of the rules that apply to sober living centers in Florida include the following:

All sober living facilities must obtain a license from the Department of Children and Families to operate. The permit must be renewed every two years. A sober living facility cannot accept residents until the state licenses it.

Even if a facility is not licensed, administrators and staff at home may not use or possess alcohol or illegal drugs during working hours. They may not allow or be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while providing services to residents.

Staff in sober living facilities must undergo background checks and training. The team must have a designated person responsible for the facility. This person should be able to deal with an emergency and ensure that the proper authorities are contacted regarding what has happened.

Treatment Addiction Rules

Many residents who live in sober living facilities will need to attend sessions regularly with a psychologist or therapist. The facility staff can give referrals for counseling services, but each resident is responsible for making appointments and receiving treatment.

Many treatment programs require that residents attend sessions for a certain number of hours per week. The staff at the facility should encourage the resident to participate in these sessions and provide transportation to and from them. Should a resident be unable to attend because of some other commitment, they may not be able to continue staying at the facility.

Recovery from Drugs and Alcohol

When it comes to the rules that apply to sober living facilities in Florida, these must be dealt with to start the recovery process. These include:

• The person must have taken a medication called naltrexone that makes them withdraw after trying drugs or alcohol.
• The person must agree with treatment, therapy, and other services plans.
• The person must abide by all rules governing the facility.
• The person must participate in a daily exercise routine to help them cope with withdrawal symptoms and to keep their muscles and heart healthy.
• The person must work on their skills to stay sober and not use drugs or alcohol again.
• The person must agree to follow the treatment plan agreed upon by the facility and their primary care physician.

Some of the rules for sober living facilities in Florida are designed to protect the residents from harm. When residents fail to attend a scheduled appointment with their primary care physician, the facility staff should tell the physician or someone designated to check on them.

A person who breaks the rules at a sober living facility may be asked to leave. In some cases, residents may be referred to a residential treatment facility. This is a facility where the resident will be required to stay for the length of their treatment.

Intervention Services

The staff at sober living facilities can provide support and information to people who may need help dealing with an addict in their life. The staff can also discuss family counselling options with the person. This may help the addict and their family members to all work on a plan that will help them to be able to live together without friction in their relationships.

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