When Do AA Meetings Happen in Alcohol Rehab?

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All across the country, people are fighting their addiction to alcohol. They may have already entered a treatment program, or they may be struggling with how to start. Alcoholics Anonymous is one of the most popular programs for people learning how to stop drinking, but many people wonder when AA meetings happen in Alcohol Rehab. AA meetings are an important part of a patient’s recovery. Patients who attend these meetings will often see the progress that they have made, and they may be more likely to stay in the program if they have support from other AA members.

What is an AA Meeting?

The Alcoholics Anonymous program is one of the most visible recovery support groups in the country. There are more than 2 million members across the United States. Within that number are people living in recovery, people planning to stop drinking, and people learning how to help their loved ones recover. Each AA meeting is unique, but they all follow a general format that was first established in 1939 by Bill Wilson, one of the founders of AA. AA meetings happen once a week, but more regular “Step” meetings happen every day. All AA meetings are structured around the 12-step program.

When Do AA Meetings Happen in Alcohol Rehab?

AA meetings are a key part of the Twelve Step program used to help people recover from alcoholism. However, AA meetings do not happen in every Alcohol Rehab center. Instead, each Alcohol Rehab center sets its schedule based on a variety of factors including the needs of its patients, the clinic’s hours, and staffing availability. Here are some general guidelines for when AA meetings happen in Alcohol Rehab:

  • A typical weekly meeting begins at 7 am on a Sunday. This is a review meeting, and it typically is only an hour long.
  • A typical weekly meeting begins at 7 pm on a Tuesday. This meeting typically lasts longer and provides more of a discussion.
  • some meetings happen in between times as well. The times listed above are just the most common meetings scheduled by Alcohol Rehab centers around the country.
  • Many Alcohol Rehab centers have other meetings that aren’t based on a template.
  • Some alcoholic patients may benefit from even more frequent or individualized AA or Al-Anon meetings that happen outside of Alcohol Rehab.

Many Alcoholics who are in a rehab center often have privacy concerns. They may only want to go to meetings and they may not be comfortable with the idea of being recorded by a doctor. These patients should speak with the patient on the unit or therapist before deciding if AA meetings are right for them. On average, AA meetings happen 4 times a week at an Alcohol Rehab center. Some centers will only have one meeting per week to which clients are encouraged to go for the entire week. Other centers may have more frequent meetings that are held daily, such as 3 times a day, and later in the afternoon at several other locations.


Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are helpful for patients when they are working on their recovery. Patients will often feel more positive and confident about the progress that they have made if there is support from other members of the community. However, Alcohol Rehab centers can set their schedules for AA meetings based on several factors including the needs of their patients and the availability of counselors. In some cases, patients may benefit from individualized meetings. It is important to speak with professionals at an Alcohol Rehab center before deciding if alcohol counseling is right for you. If you are ready to begin your recovery journey, feel free to contact us today at 866-963-7200.

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