Where Sober Living Falls in the Continuum of Addiction Care

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There are many different aspects and parts of addiction care, which allows adults struggling with addiction to obtain the tools, resources, and support they need. Although inpatient and treatment programs are extremely prevalent and successful, sober living is also a key part of overcoming substance abuse. Although each person’s addiction treatment plan varies and differs, sober living has a high success rate and can make it easier to transition back into the real world after completing a rehab program. There are a few facts to understand regarding where sober living falls in the continuum of addiction care.

Level 1

Sober living is known as Level 1 in the continuum of addiction care and is effective in the early stages of the recovery process. Residents have more independence after transitioning into the real world after completing an inpatient or outpatient treatment program and going through the detox process. Sober living homes include pre-entry and post-relapse treatment. The balance of long-term support and clinical treatment allows many people to benefit from temporarily residing at a sober living home. The programs also help connect residents with employment in the local area.

How to Find the Right Sober Living Home

Although there are many sober living homes available in the local area, they differ in their success rate and the different types of treatment they offer to residents. Look for a sober living home that is certified by a credible agency like the NARR or CARF. They should offer specialized sober living and have a licensed clinical staff present to ensure you can have access to a healthy support network. It’s also necessary to consider the size of the program to determine how many people you’ll be living with at the residence. Look into the different services that are offered, which include adventure therapy or medical access.

The Advantage of Attending an Out-Of-State Sober Living Home

If you can’t find a reputable sober living home in the local area, you can consider attending a residence that is out of state. This can allow you to be removed from familiar settings where you’ve used drugs or alcohol in the past. You can also have access to different services that may not be available in your area, specifically if you want access to services like equine therapy. Having a change of scenery can also allow you to avoid distractions and can boost your mental health. It can feel like a fresh start living in a new city or state, which can make it easier to continue your recovery process.

The Advantage of Sober Living Homes

There are many reasons sober living homes continue to be a part of addiction care. They help guide people in the early stages of recovery and transition back into the real world without feeling overwhelmed after leaving rehab. Rules and guidelines are in place to ensure residents have structure and are monitored. They are also managed by the clinical staff and peers, which allows residents to have a lot of accountability and support. The community environment can make it feel like everyone is a family and is there to help each other during the recovery process.

Leaving a Sober Living Home

After each resident has completed their time at a sober living home, they can have an easier process returning home. They’ve already experienced having independence and understand what guidelines and rules should carry over into their own life when they leave the sober living home. Sober living homes also connect residents with support programs and groups that meet regularly to ensure they can continue to have accountability. A sponsor may also be paired with each resident to ensure they have the guidance and support of a professional who can help them continue their recovery process in the future. Contact our team today at 866-963-7200 to seek help for an addiction.

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