Why Is It So Hard To Remain Sober?

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Staying away from alcohol and drugs might seem like a basic thing, particularly if drugs have led to negative consequences in your life. Individuals who have never experienced drug addiction might perceive that remaining sober and clean is a willpower issue. Addiction is a relapsing brain condition, it is chronic, and individuals struggling with it cannot quit when things get uncontrollable. The best technique to use is to join inpatient treatment, undergo detox and aftercare as they commit to long-term recovery. The process might appear very straightforward; however, it might be quite challenging. So, why is remaining sober a difficult thing? Here are some of the things that make staying sober difficult.

1. Self-Pity

If you remain wrapped-up in self-absorption, it will be hard to remain sober. Self-pity drags you down and keeps you trapped in a negative mentality. Instead of feeling pity for yourself, reflect on the things you ought to be grateful for. You can make a gratitude list each morning, and this will relieve you from self-pity.

2. Change is Very Uncomfortable

Recovery tends to be uncomfortable since it is unknown. In the first months of recovery, you will feel very uncomfortable. Seeing the universe with a sober eye is strange. You will fear missing out on things like social events, particularly if you used to go to night parties where drugs and alcohol usage was prevalent. Such changes make the whole process very scary and uncomfortable. In the first stages, you try to reevaluate your life and what you want to achieve. Try and work with the discomfort since it will help in building your worth and making you sturdier.

3. Failing to Hit the Rock Bottom

For some individuals, unless they hit rock bottom, they will never find the motivation to remain and get sober. Rock bottoms vary for every individual. For instance, some individuals decide to stay clean after one negative encounter with the law. Others might decide to get clean after poverty, homelessness, and total isolation. It is important to note that you can get into recovery the moment you decide enough is enough.

4. Having unrealistic Objectives for Yourself

When seeking recovery, you might assume that everything will align itself as it should. That will never happen, so you should not put excess pressure on yourself to be perfect during recovery. Most of the time, you have support from the parents and friends, and you do your best not to let them down. Regardless of why you entered into the recovery process, there will always be a lot of pressure to remain in it. Also, understand that the process will not be flawless.

You will find that at times:

  • You show up very late for a meeting.
  • You forget to give thanks.
  • You forget to make an important call.

5. Thinking You Will Be Able to Control Drug Use Eventually

Inability to control or moderate drug use is among the signs of addiction. You may be a recovering addict who clings to the thought that one day you will use the drug safely. Please note that this does not happen. It is important to note that the moment you start using the drug again, it will be a complete relapse.

6. Lack of Sufficient Resources

If you fail to get the care you need, it will be hard to get sober again. Take into consideration the resources you require to utilize to have a successful recovery.

The resources may include the following.

  • A psychologist
  • A therapist
  • A sponsor

Seek Help From the Professionals

Remaining sober is very difficult at first. After you discover your groove, everything will be very easy for you. In case you have any questions regarding staying and getting sober, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team looks forward to assisting you with your condition. Call us today at 866-963-7200.

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