Would I Benefit from a Sober Living Home?

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Treatment and recovery for drug or alcohol addiction involve a number of components and options. One of the choices that you may need to make on your journey is whether or not to reside in a sober living home. Ultimately, the answer will vary from person to person, so you want to understand what factors to look at to determine if a sober living home is a right move for you.

Benefits of Sober Living Homes

Understanding the general benefits of sober living homes can help you to decide if moving into one is a smart idea. In other words, you can consider if these benefits are relevant to your specific situation:

  • Productive and motivating environment
  • Continued focus on your health
  • Slower reintegration into the outside world
  • Community of support and trust
  • Resources available to help

All of these benefits can seriously bolster your recovery.

Productive and Motivating Environment

Going from an inpatient treatment program right back to your home can feel like an abrupt change. In fact, you may even be returning to a situation that tempts you into alcohol or drug usage. Opting for a sober living home means that you can continue to dwell in a place that supports your recovery for some time.

Continued Focus on Your Health

Residing in a sober living home is going to allow for the time and space to continue focusing on yourself. Yes, you may start to take on some new responsibilities, but the place that you call home is still a center of healthy living. In other words, your main priority can still be on your health in a sober living facility.

Slower Reintegration into the Outside World

During your stay at the inpatient treatment center, you likely learned a number of useful skills and strategies for managing your addiction upon your return home. However, you need time to think about these strategies and to consider how you might realistically use such techniques when tempting situations arise. A sober living home offers the opportunity to reflect on the experiences you just had at the inpatient facility.

Community of Support and Trust

Going back home might feel uncomfortable at first. It may seem as though the individuals around you lack an understanding of what you’re going through. At a sober living home, you can have the empowering experience of being around other people who are empathetic to your journey. You will also have people to whom you can turn if you experience a tough day.

Resources Available to Help

You also do not need to feel as though you are alone. Back at home, you may not have the necessary resources to assist you when bad days arise. Residing in a sober living facility means that you have support and resources available. When you’re conducting research on programs to enroll in, investigate the different features that each home offers. In other words, find out what specific support services are available. Knowing the level and type of assistance that the facility offers can be an empowering experience that helps to keep you on the right path. When you’re finished with an inpatient program, you might want to get back to your home right away. However, ask yourself if doing so is necessarily the best move. Remember that the goal here is to stay away from drugs and alcohol, and if temptations exist at home, you might find yourself relapsing. Moving into a sober living home can be a smart and effective way to stay successful. In order to start learning more about this possibility, call 866-963-7200 today to speak with a caring counselor.

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