Where Sober Living Falls in the Continuum of Addiction Care

There are many different aspects and parts of addiction care, which allows adults struggling with addiction to obtain the tools, resources, and support they need. Although inpatient and treatment programs are extremely prevalent and successful, sober living is also a key part of overcoming substance abuse. Although each person’s addiction treatment plan varies and differs, …

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What Is A Spiritual Awakening?

Addiction recovery is a lifelong process. In many instances, healing souls attempt to improve every facet of their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Moreover, oftentimes achieving such harmony is crucial to remaining sober and living a healthy and productive existence. In recognition of these issues, it is not uncommon for those undergoing treatment to strive …

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Can I Switch Sponsors?

Sponsors are a big part of your recovery from addiction. However, it cannot be easy to find a sponsor that matches your individual needs when trying to recover. That is why it is common for people in recovery to change their sponsors for various reasons, including the feeling that they need a different approach to …

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