How long should I stay at a sober living halfway house?

Overcoming an alcohol addiction is one of life’s hardest challenges. However, it’s more than possible to become sober. It will take a lot of work, and that’s what makes it so difficult. 

Thankfully, that’s what sober living homes are for. These places are meant to help those looking to keep themselves sober. The most commonly used sober living home is a halfway house. However, one question that people in recovery have is how long should they stay there.

What is a halfway house?

There are halfway houses that are open to anyone suffering from an addiction of any kind. halfway homes are designed to give extra support to people who are currently in or just got out of rehab.

Unfortunately, some people who complete rehab have a difficult time being independent and end up going through a relapse. In fact, some people may experience a relapse during their rehabilitation. Halfway homes are designed to give extra support to people who are currently in or just got out of rehab. They are also budget-friendly.

How Long People Should Stay at a Halfway House

Once you go to one willingly or are mandated, the average amount of time you have to stay there is about three months to an entire year. In truth, however, the amount of time you must spend in a halfway house depends on the severity of your addiction. 

Some people may have to stay in a halfway house for more than a year. While this may seem overwhelming, it’s for their own good as it is to ensure they make a full recovery.

What You Should Expect

Unlike in a rehab facility, which is more strict, halfway homes offer residents more freedom, within reason. You can leave to go to work, school or to do an activity like a regular citizen. However, there are still rules and regulations that you must follow. 

Below is a list of rules that halfway homes set in place:

– Do not cause conflict with others

– Contribute to the home by doing responsibilities

– Follow the curfew

– You must adhere to a recovery meeting

– All tenants are mandated to stay sober

– You must take part in testing

These rules are simple, but they’re also structured in a way to give people a chance to live normally. Breaking these rules come with severe consequences, the worst of which is being kicked out of the home.

Again, how long you have to stay in a halfway home depends on your treatment plan and how well you follow the guidelines. Dealing with an addiction on your own is not easy, so it’s important to receive as much support as possible. If you’re looking to stay sober, contact us at 866-963-7200 today.