Can I Be Sober and Happy?

Once a person becomes sober, and drugs and alcohol are no longer apart of their life, they find themselves in a predicament: What can they do to fill their days and not become bored, or in a worst-case scenario, relapse back into addiction? While the hard part of the battle may have concluded, staying happy

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Is life better sober?

Life as an addict or an alcoholic is often chaotic. It can be violent or unpredictable and relationships frequently end up taking a backseat to whatever substance is being abused. Still, many wonder if they seek treatment, whether life will actually get better once they are sober. The Science Behind “Better” A wide variety of

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How to Have Fun Sober?

When you’re on the journey of recovery from addiction and alcoholism, the concept of being sober can be challenging. Sobriety is a state of being that may sound like the opposite of pleasure. It might seem boring, unpleasant, or downright scary, but we’re about to illuminate some proven ways to live a fun, peaceful life

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What is a halfway house?

Addiction not only changes your life, it can also be life-threatening. If you are suffering from an addiction, there is a way for you to get your life back on track after initial detox; halfway houses. This specific type of house is a place where people can stay clean and re-immerse themselves back into society.

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