What is sober living home like?

A sober living home is a step that many people take after rehab. These types of homes can help you with the transition from a life of drug or alcohol abuse into a sober one. Choosing a safe living environment after you have become clean is extremely important. You’ll learn how to live independently without having to turn to drugs or alcohol.

What are Sober Living Homes?

Once you are done with rehab you may believe that you are ready to go back to your normal life. However, that was a life that likely revolved around your drug or alcohol habit. A sober living home is a group home that does not allow alcohol or illegal substances. You’ll be expected to pay for certain costs, such as rent and utilities, associated with the house. You’ll also be expected to contribute to the home through certain chores, usually assigned.

There are many different types of sober living homes you can choose from. Some groups have been put together by a group of sober people to give others the chance to live in a safe home. Others are owned by religious affiliations or business organizations. Some will have a resident leader who oversees the home and enforces the rules. Others allow everyone to weigh in concerning the decisions of the home. However, every resident will be required to follow the rules in order to keep their spot in the home.

What to Expect

If you are planning to move into a sober living home, read on to learn more about the expectations of most homes.

Expect to stay sober- You will be expected to stay sober and in some kind of treatment, such as a 12-step group or another type of support group, while you are living in the home.

No drugs or alcohol- Of course, drugs and alcohol are strictly prohibited. If you take prescribed medication, you may have to allow a staff member or nurse to dispense it for you daily.

Pay rent and other obligations- Residents will be held accountable for rent and utility payments. The amount will greatly vary between homes and residents.

Expect limited visitors- Most sober living homes adhere to strict visiting hours. You may not be allowed to have a visitor in your room.

Maintain personal hygiene- You will be expected to take care of your basic hygiene needs while living in a sober living home. You’ll also be expected to keep your room clean on a regular basis.

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