Why Couples Should Not Go To The Same Sober Living in Florida

Addiction can take a toll on your relationships quickly. From those with friends and family to your partner, relationships tend to suffer in the wake of addiction. If you and your partner are both addicted and looking to get help there are options out there for you.

Going through treatment and entering the same sober living facility in Florida is generally not recommended though. While you may be able to reconcile a relationship after getting help, a sober living facility is not the place to work on your partnership. Many sober living facilities in Florida cater to the needs of men and women individually as well, for both safety and individual recovery needs.

Keep reading to learn more about why couples should not go to the same sober living in Florida.


Focus on Yourself

When you’re in a relationship it’s normal and natural to care about the needs of your partner. While you’re in a sober living facility, this care doesn’t need to cease. However, you do need to focus on your recovery while your partner focuses on theirs.

The skills you need to develop to become a happy, healthy person without the use of drugs or alcohol may differ from those of your partner. When you’re in a sober living facility, you need to maintain a focused effort on becoming a better version of yourself.


Addiction and Co-Dependence

Many couples that need to enter rehab and a sober living facility developed an addiction together. In other cases, one person may have been an addict, luring the other to use drugs or alcohol, even in an unintentional way. In almost all cases though, addicts that form a couple used together.

Getting away from this co-dependent type of relationship can allow many addicts to heal without the pressure of a relationship before them. You may be able to return to your relationship with a partner or spouse down the road, but trying to maintain an active coupling while you’re in sober living can be detrimental to your health and the health of your partner.

Contact us to learn more about sober living in Florida and how we can help you get the treatment you need. Getting healthy can allow you to turn your life around and improve your relationship with yourself and the people you care about.

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