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Getting sober can be tricky and complicated for those suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction. Some people might seek treatment through traditional means, while others would manage their addiction independently. Regardless of the approach taken by an individual, they must have as much information as possible in regards to how sobriety will work for them.

Sober living is a treatment that provides free, short-term housing for people engaged in a recovery program. The all-inclusive environment offers support group meetings with fellow addicts, sobriety classes, vocational training, access to counseling services, and more. The process of getting sober from drug and alcohol addiction can take some time, as well as might be painful. People who wish to live a sober life for the long term should know what steps they will need to take to remain clean and avoid relapsing.

How Sober Living Works

Sober living is an effective treatment for those struggling with substance abuse problems which need to remain clean during their treatment. The residential treatment environment helps the individual remain drug-free while providing support group meetings and the other resources needed to move forward in their recovery.

The individual seeking sobriety spends some days at a sober living facility supervised by a qualified professional. The sober living environment allows the individual to stay drug-free and receive daily support group meetings, counseling sessions, vocational training, and more. Let us look how it works!

For Acceptance, Applicants Must Detox and Work Towards Long-Term Sobriety.

To get into the sober living program, there are many requirements that people must meet. These requirements include being between the ages of 18 and 55, being free of any criminal record or legal problems, being free of any physical or mental health issues that could disqualify them from staying in treatment, and admitting that they have a substance abuse problem.

Many facilities also require documentation from their primary care physician to verify their medical health status and proof of employment history if necessary. People with a history of addiction problems might be required to take a drug screening test to qualify for a stay at the sober living facility. It is also true if they have been charged with alcohol or drug-related crimes.

Attendance Is Required for All House and Support Group Meetings.

Individuals must attend all meetings that are scheduled for them at the sober living facility. These house meetings serve as a way for individuals to connect with others experiencing the same treatment and addiction problems. It is important to note that a participant in the sober living program cannot be under 18 if they have been convicted of drug or other substance abuse offenses.

There are also some requirements for being a part of the supportive group meeting: being free from any substance abuse issues and being in good physical and mental health. Friends and family members who want to help an individual get clean will often accompany them during their stay at an inpatient treatment center or sober living facility.

Program Intensity Usually Begins High and Adjusts As Residents Progress.

The program at a sober living house begins with a rigorous set of schedules that might include therapy sessions and classes. The intensity of the schedule is usually high during the first couple of weeks but gradually eases up as each individual’s recovery process becomes more solidified.

The daily schedule will typically follow a routine that includes time spent on vocational training, group counseling, and support group meetings. In addition to the classes and the other scheduled activities, each individual will also be required to attend individual sessions. In conclusion, getting sober requires a lot of work and determination; individuals need to be aware of the steps they will need to take to establish long-term sobriety.

The information included in this article has provided a detailed overview of how sober living works and how it can assist those trying to get clean. Contact us today at 866-963-7200 to learn more about sober living and how it could benefit your recovery.

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