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People who are dealing with an addiction to drugs or alcohol may think a lot about getting clean and remaining sober for the rest of their life. This is a thought they often find frightening. An addict will have the common fear of not knowing what they will feel when they’re sober. Living life without their euphoric escapes or self-medicating highs may appear to be empty, uneventful as well as boring. This point of view is common. It is also usually misleading and something that an addict can overcome.


When a person is engaged in active addiction, they envision life without their drugs or alcohol as horrible. Obtaining sobriety appears to be too much hard work as well as miserable and maybe impossible. Going to rehab appears like a regression in their life and not a way to move forward. This could mean a person is not ready to embrace sobriety.


A recovered addict knows what it feels like to be sober. How an individual feels when they obtain sobriety will depend on the type of person they are and their experiences in rehab. All recovered addicts describe being sober in different ways.

  • Having a lot more fun
  • Feeling as if they’ve finally gotten their life back
  • Feeling everything that involves their feelings
  • Learning that being sober is a lot of things but it is not boring
  • It feels really good


Many people claim that being sober feels like success. It involves a feeling of pride. They are achieving goals and becoming a person they like. A sober addict feels they can lay down to sleep at night and not worry if they will get caught with drugs or blackout when drinking. They no longer have to worry about what they did when under the influence. There is a feeling of no longer disappointing friends and family members for failures at work or school.

Oneness And Wholeness

Some recovering addicts describe sobriety as a feeling of being whole. The internal divisions that alcohol or drugs created and maintained inside them are gone. Others describe sobriety as a feeling of having worked through all the negative stuff in their life. They are free from the previous guilt or shame created by their addiction. Some former addicts say that being sober enabled them to realize everything happens for a reason. Knowing this made them no longer be afraid of things.

Physically Better

When an addict stops putting toxins in their bodies, their appearance will improve significantly. Eliminating drugs or alcohol makes it possible for a person to have a brighter and healthier physical appearance. They will have better-looking hair and complexion. The dark circles under their eyes will be gone, and their overall weight will improve. They will feel good about their physical improvements. Their mind and self-perception will also get better. They will look good and feel good.


An individual dealing with addiction will struggle to maintain healthy relationships with people around them. Family, friends, spouses, partners usually come second to a person’s addiction. With an addiction gone, a sober person can make those around them their primary focus. Being sober makes it possible to reconnect with the feeling and emotions they have for others.

Improvement Of Memory

Addicts know what it is like to wake up in the morning and only have small segments of memory from the previous night. This is bad for a person’s system, and it results in feelings of worry and anxiety. With sobriety, the feelings of shame and regret from a previous night’s behavior are gone. Forgotten memories are eliminated. A sober person experiences a feeling of knowing what is going on in their life at all times.

The most significant advantage associated with committing to sobriety is that an addict is no longer controlled by their addiction. They often feel like a new person. Do you have a wish to be free of your addiction? Are you ready to get started? Call us today at 123-456-7890. You can contact us right now. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day at 866-963-7200.

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