How Social Distancing Can Be Handled in the Recovery Community

The concept of social distancing might still seem strange. After all, you’ve probably heard your whole life about how important it is to have a strong social network. While it is true that you need to surround yourself with caring people during your addiction recovery, you may also need to feel safe about going to a treatment center. Learning about how social distancing can be handled in the recovery community is a great first step toward making the decision to change your lifestyle.

Addiction treatment is considered an essential service that is designed to help people get healthy so that they can avoid falling ill. The decision to get sober helps you to begin rebuilding your immune system so that you can fight off viruses if you are exposed to them during your normal daily activities. You can also feel secure knowing that the staff at your recovery center is fully aware of the importance of keeping the facility sanitary and comfortable for everyone.

Find Addiction Recovery Support That Helps You Stay Healthy

When you join a recovery community, you quickly discover that everyone is respectful of other people’s personal space and preferences. Social distancing in a recovery center is possible through the use of carefully planned strategies that may include the following:
•placing chairs at least six feet apart
•encouraging people to be mindful of how close they stand or walk together
•choosing safer alternatives to handshakes such as elbow bumps
•being careful about how visitation is conducted
•practicing proper general hygiene such as hand washing
•using video chats for follow up calls and after care meetings

We are living in challenging times, and there are many people who struggle with addiction as they try to manage their stress. Right now, you might be worried about your finances, health or your family members. It is also possible that you are struggling with an addiction that you recovered from before since relapse is more likely to happen during times of extreme stress. Don’t let your fear of getting sick stop you from getting help. It is possible to practice social distancing while you still receive high quality treatment for your addiction.

Are you curious about how your preferred rehab center is protecting people from the coronavirus? If so, then give us a call today. We can help you find a safe, secure and hygienic recovery center that helps you start building a healthier future.