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The reality for an addict is a daily, life-and-death struggle. The stakes are always on the table, and the temptation to use drugs or alcohol can be overwhelming. So what do you do when you need sobriety? How do you stay sober? Staying sober requires hard work and having your addiction constantly in mind. Here are ways that can help you to stay sober.

1. Create Healthy Relationships

Staying sober involves a lot of relationships, and it’s essential to create healthy ones. Attending 12-step meetings is a good start, but you shouldn’t limit yourself to attending only those meetings. You will not only benefit from the spiritual guidance and consideration that you give others there but also in your own life. Get out of your home as often as possible and become acquaintances with fellow addicts at these meetings.

2. Get Support from Your Friends and Family

The people who love you won’t be able to help you unless they know what’s going on, so let them in. If you have trouble opening up to family members, speak to your sponsor or another trusted friend and ask for help. Sharing your struggles and personality with others will make you feel less isolated and more connected to those who care about you.

3. Find a New Hobby

When you’re sober, your life is full of new experiences, but find a hobby that keeps your hands busy and your mind engaged. You can do many activities alone or with a group, including sports, art, dancing, music, and cooking classes. You might even find that you want to start going on real-life dates with other people and enjoy the company of others.

4. Work a Job

Working your first job can be scary, especially if it’s not in your field. You might be tempted to use drugs or alcohol to ease stress or boredom, but it will only worsen things. You need to face the fears and focus on your recovery. Having a job will give you a purpose and make you feel like an adult, which is an entirely new experience for many who have dealt with addiction.

5. Volunteer

Many people in recovery have difficulty saying no, but if you have trouble staying sober and refusing to let your time go to waste, volunteer. You might be amazed at how much your life can change when you give something back to the community or someone else. You will feel so good about yourself and love your life again that you’ll never want to slip back into old habits. For instance, you may volunteer at a local high school or elementary school to help in the classroom. You can also volunteer at nursing homes, hospitals, or senior care facilities. You might find that you love helping others who are in need and want to work as a social worker.

6. Adopt Healthy Living Habits

The number one thing that can prevent you from going back to using drugs and alcohol is good lifestyle habits. You must have good eating and exercise habits, and it’s time to learn how. You don’t have to let your addiction drag you down. You can spend time daily being active, learning about healthy eating, and taking care of your mind. Here are ways of healthy living.

Eating Balanced Diet Regularly

You are what you eat, and an addict’s body is probably craving drugs or alcohol. Staying sober is impossible if you eat foods that make you crave drugs.

Exercising Regularly

When you exercise, your body releases feel-good endorphins that give you a natural high. Consider walking, running, or working out in a gym for one hour daily. Or consider taking up an activity like boxing or swimming.

Creating a Mind-Body Connection

Meditating and exercising are two great ways of improving your health and wellness. They also get you in touch with your body and yourself. This is an important part of living sober.

Getting Enough Sleep

Staying sober is much more difficult when you’re sleep-deprived. As a result, you’re more likely to crave drugs or alcohol and become uncomfortable with life. Your body will be on edge, and you might even get into arguments with others. You are what you eat and do, so if you don’t rest, nothing else will work out. Try to get at least seven hours of sleep every night and keep yourself bedridden as little as possible when your energy level is at its lowest.


Reaching the point of sobriety is not easy, but when you attempt to stay sober and reach success, it will be well worth waiting for. And when you do succeed, you will find that it’s not that hard to stay sober and that the reward is truly worthwhile. Contact us today at 866-963-7200 to learn more about ways to stay sober.

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