What Are Some Sober-Friendly Drinks To Order When Hanging Out With Friends?

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One who has completed treatment for alcohol dependency should celebrate. Said subject admitted they had a problem, obtained the help they needed, and overcame their addiction.

That said, recovery is always filled with potential pitfalls. One such challenge could be the simple act of socializing with friends, family, and other close associations in venues where alcoholic beverages will or might be served.

Sober-Friendly Drinks

Fortunately, former addicts facing the preceding circumstances might avoid temptation, maintain their sobriety, and enjoy the occasion by imbibing in one or more drinks deemed sober-friendly. Such offerings include:

Sparkling Water

Sparkling water like seltzer is fizzy and refreshing. That said, the taste of said product could be enhanced through the addition of various flavoring agents or fruits such as:

  • Lemon
  • Lime
  • Oranges
  • Cherries

Above all, these beverages are low calorie and good for the digestive tract.

Soft Drinks

Some might enjoy the taste of soft drinks. When thirsty or apprehensive, few drinks often prove as revitalizing, soothing, or nostalgic as a cold soda.

Shirley Temple

Many people recall drinking Shirley Temples during their childhood at one formal gathering or another. Comprised of grenadine and a lemony soda like sprite, this classic non-alcoholic drink is enlivening and contains a noticeably zingy flavor.


Few could argue against the health benefits of juice. These thirst quenching products are typically comprised of produce rife with vitamins and minerals. Some people mix juices to create interesting and tasty concoctions.

Coffee Or Tea

These caffeine-laden staples provide enough of a jolt to keep revelers up during a night of partying. Moreover, the taste of said products can be improved using additives such as sugar, cream, or milk.

Apple Cider

Non-alcoholic apple cider is a gathering favorite for certain notable reasons. First, the beverage can be enjoyed hot or cold. Additionally, the product’s already powerful flavor is often made better with the addition of spices like cinnamon and clove.

Chocolate Egg Cream

Those yearning to really be adventurous or different might opt for a chocolate egg cream. This classic 1950’s diner offering is made up of simple ingredients including chocolate syrup, milk, and seltzer water.

Said drink is not only surprisingly invigorating but incredibly tasty. Furthermore, this beverage will likely earn favor from fellow revelers who will likely be taken back to their younger days.

Sobriety-Maintaining Tips

Recovering alcoholics may find social settings challenging and tempting. However, in addition to drinking sober-friendly beverages, slip-ups or relapses could be avoided by engaging in actions like:

Attending With Trusted Friends

Former dependents are urged to attend social gatherings with trusted friends or family members. Said subjects will understand the stress such circumstances might cause their close association, provide a sense of security, monitor them, and steer them clear of any possible perils.

Avoiding Bars Or Clubs

Whenever and wherever possible, healing subjects are implored to stay away from destinations such as bars and clubs. Such establishments are rife with alcohol and individuals ingesting it.

Thinking Strategically

If a trip to a bar or similar institution is unavoidable, strategic behavior is crucial. The former dependent should not sit close to the primary bar and plan to leave if temptation grows too strong.

Do Not Ignore Urges

Regardless of the setting, recovering individuals should never ignore nagging impulses. If said subjects are tempted or feel the need to imbibe on alcohol, they should immediately contact their sponsor or a trusted relation. Ignoring the urge or trying to wish it away will only increase said desire’s intensity and heighten their risk for relapse.

Being Prepared For Various Reactions

The plain truth is that many people are downright nosy. Former alcoholics do not have to justify why they choose not to drink to anyone and should not pay much mind to individuals who pry.

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