What Is A Spiritual Awakening?

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Addiction recovery is a lifelong process. In many instances, healing souls attempt to improve every facet of their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Moreover, oftentimes achieving such harmony is crucial to remaining sober and living a healthy and productive existence.

In recognition of these issues, it is not uncommon for those undergoing treatment to strive for and eventually achieve a state called spiritual awakening.


Spiritual awakening is defined by mental health professionals as a time when impacted individuals discover they have become in touch with issues such as their emotions, feelings, nature, and their relationship with higher powers.

Those pursuing this path often come to the realization that the rewards reaped from matters such as money, fame, power, and respect do not equal those achieved through the attainment of spiritual happiness and enlightenment. Furthermore, they might ask themselves questions including why are they here, what is their purpose in life, and why is there so much suffering and injustice in the world?

Achieving Spiritual Awakening

The process as a whole can be lengthy and arduous. However, one’s journey to spiritual awakening is usually triggered by a signature event or circumstance. For example, persons with chemical dependencies may reach the conclusion that they cannot continue on the path that they have traveled and desire major life changes.

Many experts would suggest that there is no specific blueprint for attaining spiritual awakening. Every person takes their own journey and undergoes individual experiences. That said, those in the know maintain that certain events or behaviors might suggest that one has achieved said status including:

Achieving A Sense Of Connection

Awakened persons develop various connections including:

  • Community
  • Pets and other creatures
  • Neighbors
  • Friends
  • Individuals one previously thought were different

Above all, said subjects care more about the planet and their surroundings and work to ensure said locations are as safe and healthy as possible.

Releasing Labels

Those yet to attain awakening often place significant emphasis on titles and labels such as tax brackets, job descriptions, social standings, and possessions owned. People grow more awakened when they release labels, lessen the significance of titles, and consider everyone as merely another member of the human race.

Heightening Compassion Levels

Awakened individuals experience a heightened sense of compassion. This means that they possess the capacity to place themselves in the unfavorable or even tragic circumstances faced by others and truly understand the struggling entity’s plight.

Being True To Oneself

Those who have attained an honest awakening will always be true to themselves. No longer will they adopt or preach politically correct or popular opinions solely for the sake of conforming. Rather, they will proudly formulate and share their own beliefs.

Paying Attention To Individual Patterns Or Behaviors

Spiritually conscious subjects pay close attention to their habits and behaviors and seek to curtail or even completely stop potentially detrimental actions such as drinking or smoking, not exercising, consuming an unhealthy or unbalanced diet, being controlled by negative emotions and feelings, or associating with negative influences.

Finding Inner Peace

Persons who have achieved a spiritual awakening achieve and maintain inner peace. This internal calmness enables said subjects to cope with trying or stressful times without allowing negativity such as anger, frustration, or resentment from skewing their minds or influencing their actions.

How Spiritual Awakening Influences The Recovery Process?

Mental health professionals and addiction recovery specialists maintain that spiritual awakening often exercises a significantly positive impact over addiction treatment and eventual recovery. Specifically, achieving said state is thought to:

Promote Mindfulness

Mindfulness helps people gain a greater awareness of themselves and their surroundings. Said attribute might help former dependents be more conscious of important issues such as their environment, their recreational activities, and the individuals they readily associate with.

Increase Accountability

Awakened souls are often in tune with higher powers from a religious or spiritual sense. Therefore, they typically feel accountable to these entities. Such accountability renders them less likely to engage in questionable or detrimental endeavors.

Create A Sense Of Purpose

Spiritually enlightened people usually find a renewed sense of purpose. Said individuals find a greater calling, which often involves unselfish efforts designed to make the world a better place.

Statistical Impact

Researchers have found that spiritual awakening has an empirical impact on the recovery process. A 2019 study concluded that more than 80 percent of individuals who completed a treatment program and also achieved spiritual awakening were still sober one year later. Only 55 percent of those who did not undergo such a transformation were as fortunate.

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