12-Step Meetings will Maintain Your Sobriety

Are you or your family member facing the problems associated with alcoholism and substance abuse? If so, attending 12-step meetings may make a difference in helping you remain sober and put an end to alcoholism. First, it is important to outline the twelve steps that are part of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).

In order to recover from alcoholism and gain lasting sobriety, there are 12 specific steps that you or your family member will need to follow. You may have heard about making amends with those you’ve had relationships with, but there are many more steps you’ll need to take part in.

The 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous

By going to AA meetings and taking part in the 12 steps, it is much easier to become clean and sober as well as continue your sobriety for years to come. The 12 steps include the following:

  • Admitting lacking power over alcohol and that life has become hopeless
  • Believing in a greater power to help restore our lives
  • Turning over willpower and life decisions to God
  • Taking stock in the morality among ourselves
  • Confessing our wrongs and failures to ourselves, God, and another person
  • Becoming ready for God to withdraw any shortcomings in our character
  • Asking God to erase our character flaws
  • Write out a list of every person we may have mistreated and be prepared to make amends
  • Make amends with all people on your list unless doing so would cause more harm
  • Keep moving in taking stock of your morality and, when off target, admitting our mistakes
  • Using meditation and prayer to connect with God and better understand how to carry out God’s will
  • Due to a spiritual reawakening, bringing this message to other alcoholics and applying this to everyday life

There are significant benefits to following the 12-step programs. These benefits include gaining more freedom, no longer regretting the past, and living a more peaceful life. You’ll also gain the ability to provide help for other people and lose feelings of self-pity. You’ll be more capable of overcoming challenges if you gain the skills taught in 12-step programs.

To continue sobriety and stay clean, you will need to continue attending 12-step meetings and follow the steps. To learn more, please call 866-963-7200. Our counselors are available to help 24 hours per day.