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Drug abuse has many effects that not everyone thinks about. This may be particularly true for young people still in their teens or early twenties. At that age, it typically seems that time stretches ahead forever and that anything bad will only happen to someone else. What some youngsters may not realize is one critical thing: It’s always later than you think. You also run the same risk for serious consequences, including ruining your health, ruining or limiting your earning power forever, alienating loved ones and friends and death, as anyone else. You will need a solid career and life skills even just to get by in the economy to come more than ever. This article will discuss what sober living in Delray Beach teaches about life skills.

Sober Living: The Key to Success

If you’re serious about drug abuse recovery, sober living is one of your most powerful tools. You may think that sober living is just about maintaining sobriety. It definitely is, but it’s much more than that. Sober living can also teach you how to be successful in life after you have regained control of a life jeopardized by drug abuse.

Putting chemicals into your body not natural to it over extended periods of time is about more than just physical addiction and dependence. There are also social and career factors. If you spend your prime college years engaged in drug use instead of concentrating on your career through either higher education or some vocational education or apprenticeship, you can never get that time back.

Worse, a single felony conviction may wipe out any chance of a professional career requiring state licensing or even an FBI background check. This kind of investigation requires you to submit fingerprints. The FBI keeps criminal records in a fingerprint database. If you have a prior arrest, it will be revealed. You cannot lie on this kind of background check. It covers every state, too.

Nursing, pharmacy, medical technician, legal and accountant careers all require state licensing. There are many more. Forget about law enforcement, too. Jobs like real estate agent, teacher, jeweler, insurance agent, optician, contractor, property assessor or inspector and loan officer all require at least a background check. You can’t even work around children in any official capacity.

Some states require a pharmacy owner to also be a licensed pharmacist but not all do. Some states do allow a non-pharmacist to purchase and own a pharmacy as long as they hire a licensed pharmacist to staff it, but the owner must have a clean background.

Life Skills in Del Ray Beach Sobriety Homes

Life skills are those you will need to succeed in your future life, especially where a career is involved.

If you can’t successfully handle a job interview, how will you ever get a job in the first place? Other life skills include:

  • Preparing a resume and cover letter
  • Learning to network and navigate job boards and leads
  • Interpersonal skills
  • How to get a car for work or learn about public transportation
  • Assertiveness in the workplace
  • Knowing the laws about sexual harrassment in the workplace
  • Practicing with mock job interviews

Both Delray rehabs and sober living homes may offer these life skills training, but it’s in sober living where it’s the most relevant, and you can actually apply them in the real world. If you’re interested in finding a sober living facility that offers this life-changing service, call us at 866-963-7200. We’re available to assist you 24 hours a day. Let us help you to ensure that you get the very most out of sober living.

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