How to get accepted into a sober living house?

Sober living homes are a great place to stay when you are recovering from an addiction to drugs, alcohol, or both. Whether you are coming straight from a local rehab or have decided that you need to get out of your current living arrangement and into a facility, a sober living house can be a great step towards continued sobriety.

What is a Sober Living House?

A sober living house is often the next step once you complete a stay in rehab. Instead of heading back into your regular life, one that includes the old triggers that caused you to use, you may choose to stay at a sober living facility for a certain period of time. The point of the home is in the title- you must stay sober in order to live in the home. These homes provide you more freedom than rehab but are stricter than if you simply went back to your usual living arrangements.

Your Rehab Can Help

If you are in a rehab program, you can ask to be transferred to a sober living house upon completion. Many facilities have agreements with local sober living homes and will help you transfer into them when you leave. Talk to the staff about your options before you complete the program to find out where you can move to and when.

If you are not in rehab but are wanting to live in a home, you’ll have to do some research on your own. Call sober living homes that you are interested in and inquire about arrangements. Do you have family or friends who have been in a sober living home recently? Ask them for a recommendation. Talk to your health insurance company, if you are insured, to find out if they cover any of the costs. If they do, they may have an approved list of homes you can live in.

Submitting to Urine Tests During Your Stay

Remember, you must remain sober while you are living in a sober living house. If you are caught using drugs or drinking alcohol, you will likely be asked to leave. Almost every home will conduct scheduled and random urine tests to make sure their residents are staying on the straight and narrow path to sobriety.

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