What’s The Difference Between Sobriety and Recovery?

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The terms “sobriety” and “recovery” are common in rehab for substance addiction: drugs and alcohol. Therefore, to free yourself from drug and alcohol addiction, these are the common words you will come across. Many people are not able to differentiate these words; others think they mean the same. Unfortunately, that’s not the case: each word has a specific meaning in eliminating the use of addictive substances.

When you attend a rehab center, the recovery process isn’t direct: you must first achieve sobriety. However, you can be sober but don’t achieve recovery. Understanding these terms – sobriety and recover – is essential. You will learn how to transition from sobriety to recovery.

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What is Sobriety?

Addiction to drugs or alcohol is not a choice you make. After addiction recovering is a choice. When addicted, you will have a dependency on drugs or alcohol that brings danger and painful withdrawal symptoms. When you take a path to sobriety, it means you have eliminated the use of substances causing addiction. However, you might not be under the influence anymore, but that doesn’t change your life’s unhealthy aspects. For example, your relationships might not work anymore, and you have to address behavioral health issues.

On the other hand, addiction is an incurable disease, but you learn how to manage the symptoms. At the start of your journey to sobriety, you need to visit a rehab to find a recovery program. Therefore, you must maintain a connection with the support group, program, and higher power. And with the help of such systems, you can maintain sobriety throughout your life. However, becoming sober without going through recovery, you pass through several risks, such as developing painful withdrawal symptoms. And entering sobriety without a recovery program, you become irritable, angry, unstable, and unable to cope with reality.

What is Recovery?

After sobriety, this is the next step in your recovery process. Recovery helps you to rebuild your life and establish new possibilities. The process entails basic tenets that use recovery solutions-based strategies and principles. And passing through this process helps you change from what you don’t like what you like. Through the recovery journey, the counselors and coaches will help you identify your purpose, visions, and principles to inspire you to move towards your goals. The process should start small, but you will be introduced to bigger steps after achieving consistent success in your recovery journey. So that you can achieve your goals, you have to cultivate confidence, self-esteem, and discipline.

These are valuable assets that will help you with long-term sustainable recovery. Also, in your recovery process, you will be in the remission phase. You continue to struggle with addiction but lying dormant. Fortunately, when in rehab, you can get therapies and medical treatments. These treatment options help you develop strategies that make you deal with underlying mental obsession and emotional issues with alcohol and drugs. The process also helps you manage your cravings. Overall, in the recovery process, you will make progressive changes in your life and develop emotional stability.

Seeking Recovery from Addiction

Don’t sit and relax, yet you are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. Seek a recovery program. Avoid quitting the substance to enter into sobriety alone. You will experience severe withdrawal symptoms that might cause unpleasant and dangerous side effects. Visiting a rehab will help you detox and reduce the pain of withdrawal symptoms with the medical staff’s help. Other ways that can help you with your recovery journey: treatment, a 12-step program, therapy, life coaching, spiritual route, personal development workshops, or holistic healing stuff like acupuncture and yoga.
Recovery from drugs and alcohol addiction provides you a lifelong and wonderful experience to get the best in your life every day. Life is not about not using addictive substances daily, but having the best human experience, which is living well. But recovery won’t be possible; you must be sober, and being sober is an essential factor in your recovery journey.

The Bottom Line

Summing up, if you are struggling with the addiction to drugs or alcohol, you are not alone. Many people across the United States suffer from addiction. That’s why, every year, there are thousands of people seeking help. Therefore, you have to battle this condition and start a path to sobriety. To get help, you need a reliable counselor who gives you individual treatment.

Also, you might have a loved one struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. Remember, winning the battle is not attending rehab and become sober. Recovery is a journey, but becoming sober is only a beginning. Don’t suffer alone. We can help; call us today at 866-963-7200!

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