Do Most Alcoholics and Addicts Eventually Recover?

Are you looking to embark on an alcohol or drug addiction recovery journey? If yes, then you will probably be wondering what the rate of recovery is. Essentially, you need to know what your odds are and what you should expect from a recovery center. Additionally, you probably have heard about the long road of recovery and how hard it can be. Typically, recovery is a very tough journey and requires optimum determination and help.

In most cases, you will be faced with the risk of a relapse. If these instances are not handled correctly, you might end up getting back to addiction. Normally, this is something you would want to avoid if you want a full recovery. As it is, addiction has no cure, but you can recover.

What Are the Odds of My Recovery?

Before the turn of the century, people suffering from alcohol or drug addiction did not do well in their recovery journey. According to statistics, many of them ended up relapsing soon after getting into a rehabilitation program. The relapse rate stood at 70 percent. Disheartening right? If you were to think about this figure and not consider the remaining 30 percent, then you would probably give up on your drug addiction.

However, you can keep up the fight since there is plenty of good news. According to the most recent statistics, the rate of relapse has fallen to a range of between 40 and 60 percent. Of these relapse cases, approximately 60 percent of the individuals undertaking addiction treatment relapse within the first few weeks of their recovery journey. Essentially, a relapse this early into recovery can be a major hurdle that could even prevent recovery in the long run. Here, you get to wonder what your odds are.

The numbers on the rate of recovery are quite a bit inconclusive. However, the likelihood of eventual recovery stands at 51 percent. No addiction problem is similar to another. Though several persons may be addicted to the same drug, the recovery journeys are different. In most cases, a relapse might be a major stumbling block and might even make you give up hope on ever recovering.

However, a relapse sometimes could be that one thing you need to strengthen your resolve and determination. In essence, most of the addicts will eventually recover from their addiction. However, it might require them to undertake the treatment more than once.

What Could Be the Main Cause of My Relapse?

Normally, when you are booked into a drug addiction treatment center, you will get treated by very hardworking therapists who have had years of experience with other addicts. Essentially, these experts will be very instrumental in helping you face your addiction and fight the urge to relapse. However, addiction is a very dangerous problem and requires the patient to be diligent. Typically, each hour of each day in the life of an addict could be that one point that brings back the addiction. Some of the reasons that you might relapse include:

• Family disappointment or personal relationships
• Financial problems
• Death of a close person either in your family or circle of friends
• Health issues
• Curiosity
• Difficulties at school or work
• Closeness to drug or alcohol sources
• People or friends who influence you

In essence, your recovery requires both vigilance and discipline since many factors can bring back the relapse.

Characteristics of Addicts Who Eventually Recover

As already stated, most addicts eventually recover. Some of the common observations that you can make from those who get to recover successfully include:

• Great family and friends support
• The desire, determination, and diligence for recovery
• Continuous evaluation of their recovery journey
• They remember what caused the addiction and how fast things can rollback
• They can train their focus on a life without addiction and undertake all the required efforts to ensure they don’t get back to drugs.
• Great choice of treatment

In essence, you will need to look at your life of addiction and ensure that you don’t get back to abusing drugs or alcohol. Essentially, recovery starts with a great choice of treatment. Therefore, you might want to get yourself into a treatment program that ensures your complete recovery. For more on addiction recovery, you can give us a call today at 866-963-7200.