3 Advantages of Going to a Halfway House in Boynton Beach versus Delray Beach

Do you have an adult child who was an addict and has graduated from a drug or alcohol treatment program? Have you or your child been looking into halfway houses?

You should consider different factors before choosing a halfway house. However, one of the most important features is location. Florida’s Gold Coast has been a popular option for almost a decade. The area’s weather, healthy entertainment options, and an active recovery community feed the popularity of this location. Two of the popular sites are Boynton Beach and Delray Beach. Here are three reasons to consider Boynton Beach over Delray Beach.


Boynton Beach’s Cost Advantage

Halfway houses can be quite expensive. Real estate costs figure into the fees that are charged to the inhabitants of halfway houses. Also, if you plan to stay temporarily in the area of the halfway house while your child is recovering, you must consider rental costs.

According to City-data.com, in 2015 the estimated median house or condo value in Boynton Beach was 160,700, while in Delray Beach it was $258,000. The gap in rents was smaller, but still in favor of Boynton Beach. In 2015, the median rent in Delray Beach was $1,405, and $1363 in Boynton Beach.


Access to Drugs

If you want your child to steer clear of drugs, Boynton Beach halfway homes might be a better bet. A July 2017 Sun-Sentinel investigation revealed hundreds of people overdosing in Delray Beach. Several recovery houses are in downtown Delray Beach. However, that area’s service industry also employs many recovering drug users. This makes it easy for dealers and clients to find each other. Halfway homes in Boynton Beach are more scattered.


Clean Entertainment Options

Both the recovering addict and family members visiting or staying in the area need clean entertainment. Boynton Beach is called “America’s Gateway to the Gulf Stream.” Various marinas offer opportunities for fishing, scuba-diving, jet skis, and other water-related activities.

Would you rather be on land? Explore the Arthur Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge. You can hit the links at various country clubs nearby, after all you’re in Palm Beach County.

Boynton Beach also has other entertainment options for you and your little children. Kids will enjoy the Schoolhouse Children’s Museum and Boynton Beach Haunted Pirate Fest, for instance. You can also enjoy a variety of shopping and dining options.