What is The Difference Between Seacrest Transitional Living and All The Rest of Sober Houses in Boynton Beach?

Shopping for the best recovery house in Boynton Beach just got a whole lot easier. Seacrest Transitional Living recently opened a sober halfway house for men and one for women who are in early sobriety and looking for a safe, comfortable and structured atmosphere.

Seacrest is licensed by two excellent agencies: FARR or the Florida Association of Recovery Residences and the National Alliance of Recovery Residences or NARR. This attention to detail in regulations is an important detail and ensures these facilities are superior.

The early weeks when you stop using alcohol and drugs can be a challenge, and this is when you need to be living in an environment that works with you encouraging sobriety. The other residents will also be recovering, and this allows the residents to help each other.With the structure at Seacrest, a resident finds an environment where new tools and recovering behaviors can be practiced in a new lifestyle.

At Seacrest, we know that recovery is a process, so our goal is to provide an atmosphere where the tenants can collect the tools they need and practice applying them to develop a firm foundation for a healthy, happy clean lifestyle.

The structure that is a part of the experience holds residents to their own accountability and supports the choice of Seacrest as an excellent choice for early recovery. The individual plan is required for all residents and it includes:


1) 12 step meetings must be attended regularly.

2) Each resident must have a 12-step sponsor within two weeks of moving in.

3) Also, within two weeks of moving in, each resident must be employed.

4) There is a weekly house meeting, which all residents must attend.


Men stick with men, and women stick with women in recovery, so Seacrest has a separate house for men and for women. Both halfway houses are located in east Boynton Beach, FL, one mile from the beach and are conveniently located to 12-step clubhouses and meetings and within walking distance to city bus routes.

The exterior of both houses looks like a well-kept, four-bedroom home in the suburbs. The interiors are designed and comfortably furnished with new furniture and bedding, with cable TV in every room. Both houses have a house computer and WiFi for general use, which is included in the rent. Seacrest Transitional Living is a top-end, recovery living situation that will make your transition into sobriety a positive experience.