How to get accepted into a sober living house?

Sober living homes can be fundamental in many people’s recovery journies. Whether you do not have stable housing arrangements or need the additional structure as you navigate the next stage of your recovery, sober living homes are a valuable resource. Not every rehab offers transitional living services, so you will need to do your research and find one that has everything you need.

However, there are independent sober living homes that you may apply to individuals. The requirements for sober living homes vary by each organization, but all of them have some common criteria for admission.

Complete Detox

You will have to complete a drug or alcohol detoxification program before you can be admitted to a sober living home. Tenants are often in the early stages of sobriety, which means being exposed to someone who is not yet fully detoxed could be triggering. People who have not undergone detox are also at a higher risk of relapse, and bringing drugs or alcohol into the sober living home could jeopardize everyone’s recovery and well-being.

Many rehabs that offer transitional living also have supervised medical detox services. Choosing a rehab that is there for its patients from day one is the best choice as you do not have to worry about any gaps in your treatment.

Be Actively in Treatment

All sober living tenants must be actively working on their sobriety, which means they are required to attend outpatient rehab. You may attend an outpatient treatment program or individual counseling with a therapist trained in substance use disorder treatment; the nature of every tenant’s recovery is unique, but they must attend every meeting and stay committed to their treatment in order to maintain housing privileges.

A sober living home will not accept someone who is not in treatment or does not want to go to rehab. While you might think you can quit on your own, sober living houses are not designed for people to live in indefinitely while they attempt to overcome addiction by themselves.

Substance use disorder is a mental health condition that requires professional treatment and care.

Find the Right Program for You

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