Why Halfway Houses in Boynton Beach Might Be A Better Choice For You Over One In Delray Beach

Making the decision to go to a halfway house following your completion of inpatient rehab is a positive decision for your recovery. South Florida is the hub of addiction recovery. Delray Beach is the better known recovery community, but recently, Boynton Beach is emerging to be a just as good- if not better- recovery community.

Choosing a halfway is Boynton Beach might be a better choice for you over one in Delray Beach because:

Closer to Outpatient Rehab Options

While Delray Beach is well-known for its excellent inpatient rehab options, Boynton Beach is well-known for its excellent outpatient options. Many people need outpatient rehab after their completion of inpatient rehab to continue working on the psychological component of their and receive assistance for applying the tools they have learned in inpatient rehab in the outside world. Being close to Seacrest Recovery and other excellent outpatient rehab options will be more convenient for you to work into your busy schedule of work, meetings, and chores around your halfway house.

Smaller Community

The recovery community in Delray Beach is very large, which may be overwhelming for you. Since Boynton Beach is a nascent recovery community, it has a smaller number of people. A smaller community may help you get to know people better and make it easier for you to find friends.

More Affordable Rent

Established halfway houses that have been around for a long time in Delray Beach most likely have a higher rent than a halfway house in Boynton Beach that has not been around for that long. An affordable rent will be less unnecessary stress on you. The quality of a Boynton Beach sober living will not be a concern because most of them have emulated the style of more established halfway houses.


An Excellent Halfway House in Boynton Beach

Seacrest Sober Living is an excellent halfway house in Boynton Beach, Florida. It is a certified residence by the Florida Association of Recovery Residences and National Alliance for Recovery Residences. They are within a short distance from nearby Seacrest Recovery Center if you are interested in outpatient treatment after inpatient treatment. Their separate male and female housing provides a comfortable environment for our transition. Attending meetings is mandatory.

If you are interested in Seacrest Sober Living to help you transition into the outside world as a recovering individual, call them today at (866) 963-7200