How to Have Fun Sober?

When you’re on the journey of recovery from addiction and alcoholism, the concept of being sober can be challenging. Sobriety is a state of being that may sound like the opposite of pleasure. It might seem boring, unpleasant, or downright scary, but we’re about to illuminate some proven ways to live a fun, peaceful life after conquering substance abuse.

So, is it really possible to have fun and be sober at the same time? It absolutely is, even in the midst of treatment for addiction. Imagine moving through each day with a healthy sense of balance, centeredness and joy. At the heart of every person dealing with substance abuse are the need for relief and enjoyment of the simple things in life, and we’ve put together some of the best ways to get there.

Uniquely Unplugged

Let’s get right to it. One of the most seemingly counterintuitive yet satisfying ways to find genuine joy is to unplug. That’s right, take your electronic devices and stow them away for a little while. There’s a whole world of fun to be experienced that isn’t connected to a smartphone, a computer, or a social media account. But wait; the kicker is that this isn’t some vastly unknown idea. Deep down, you’ve probably had the desire to chuck those devices along with their associated triggers and take a mini vacation from all things electronic.

We’re all unique, so how you decide to unplug will be of your own design. Maybe you let people know specifics about your away time so they’re not concerned, or perhaps you go off grid in spontaneous little spurts. Creatives will come up with a new version of being unplugged several times over, each one being more ingenious than the last. However it takes shape, what matters is that you unplug with intention, curiosity, and a true desire to do so.

Activities Abound

Getting your dopamine and serotonin pumping is a surefire way to enjoy a boost of pleasure sensations, and being active is the fast track. Here’s what made our list of ways to have fun outdoors.

  • Nature Walks & Hiking
  • Sports
  • Exercise & Fitness
  • Walks on the Beach
  • Theme Parks

If indoor pursuits are more your style, you might gravitate towards reading, crafting and DIY, art and design, or even cooking and dining. Another great way to enjoy yourself and wire new neural pathways to sober fun is to snuggle and play with a pet. Finally, get creative and do something that’s not even listed here. If you do try one or more of the activities above, put your own unique spin on them, and have a blast. Don’t be surprised if others are begging to join you!

We’re Here to Help

If you take nothing else away from these suggestions, know this. There’s something inherently embedded in the concept of sober fun: freedom. Yes, you can break free from substance abuse, feel all of the feelings, and finally surrender. Fun, peace, and joy truly are on the other side of letting go, and you are enough. If that sounds far-fetched, it’s because doing it without the proper support and guidance is extremely difficult. Let us show you what is more than possible. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day. Call 866-963-7200 now, and let’s get started.