Should I Stay in a Halfway House While Attending Outpatient Treatment in Boynton Beach?

Outpatient treatment is a beneficial option for many addicts who cannot afford to stay in a residential facility either because of cost or other obligations they may have. Since it does not have the same level of care as inpatient treatment, you may wonder if you should stay in a halfway house while receiving outpatient treatment for better results.

A halfway house allows you to have some freedom to go to work and take care of other appointments and obligations while providing a safe place for you to live. These places have rules to follow which can give you the structure you need to be successful in treatment. There are some things you need to know about halfway houses before you decide to apply to stay there:

  • There is likely to be a curfew.
  • There may be random drug testing.
  • You may be required to do regular chores around the house.
  • You may be required to attend meetings.


You may also share a room with one or more people, so there is limited privacy. However, the support you receive can help you be successful with your outpatient treatment.


The Benefits of Staying at a Halfway House

One of the main reasons to stay at a halfway house is that it provides a roof over your head if you don’t have a place to live. You can get a job and pay less in rent than at other places, giving you a chance to get on your feet.

Another reason to choose this option while in outpatient rehab is because it helps enforce what you are learning in treatment. You will be away from negative influences and triggers that could cause relapse.

You can get support from others who are in the same situation as you. Some will just be getting clean while others may have been through treatment several months ago. You can relate to each other and develop friendships, something that is often lost when a person is suffering from addiction.

A halfway house is a short-term living arrangement that can give you the time you need to overcome your addiction and move forward with your life. It can provide the stability you need to deal with the challenges you face. Call us today at (866) 963-7200 to find out how we can help.

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