What is the goal of going to sober living after rehab?

Going to rehab helps you meet your goal of getting sober. Yet, there is so much more to dealing with an addiction than simply staying off of drugs or alcohol for a short period of time. Most people need support to continue their journey to sobriety. After you leave rehab, you could be immediately thrust back into a life that is filled with temptation. For some people, simply returning home is the most dangerous time for a relapse. If you live with people who do drugs or drink regularly, then you could face triggers during your first day or two back. The primary goal of going to sober living after rehab is to continue to work on what you learned in your treatment program in a supportive environment.

You might also be facing the concern that returning home is just not possible. As a consequence of your addiction, you might have been asked to leave your home by your family or a landlord. You might also still be rebuilding your financial stability so that you can afford a safe place to live. Sober living residences are designed for people from a variety of backgrounds who all share the same goal of living a life that does not include using drugs or alcohol.

Get Started Building Your Best Sober Life

Sober living residences support sobriety by helping you to begin building a network of support that makes leaving your past behaviors behind easier. During the course of a normal day in sober living, you might participate in the following activities that help you begin to thrive in sobriety.

•group counseling

•meditation and yoga


•career counseling

•volunteer opportunities

Residents of sober living facilities often say that some of their favorite things to do are just talking to the other people in their home. Realizing that you have people in your life that understand what you are going through is empowering.

Each day that you spend in sober living is carefully planned to help you feel stronger with your sobriety as you transition to an independent life. Some people stay in sober living for a few weeks while others stay for many months. Every sober living house has different rules, but they are all relatively simple to follow and meant to help you avoid falling back into old patterns. For example, curfews are common. You might also be assigned tasks to do around the house to contribute to the sober living community. Many people find that helping to cook meals or keep common areas clean gives them a sense of routine that helps with sobriety. As you make progress, you may also be given more freedoms such as being able to spend time outside of the house to enjoy entertainment and employment opportunities. The people who live with you become a source of support as you begin to interact in the world together.

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