Why Do People Go To Sober Living Houses After Rehab?

After completing treatment, recovering addiction sufferers usually find themselves facing a very different kind of life than the one they had been living prior to rehab. It’s a life they will need to live without using drugs or alcohol. Some recovering addicts adjust well to a life of sobriety. Unfortunately, there is a large population of people who struggle to toe the line.

As clients leave rehab, they usually get information about aftercare resources they can use to help stay clean. One of the best aftercare resources available is sober living. In the section below, we will discuss some of the reasons people go into sober living before heading back to the day to day challenges of life at home.

Why Do People Go To Sober Living Houses After Rehab?

A sober living home serves a very specific purpose for people who are new to recovery. It serves as a bridge between rehab and going home to the people, places, and things that are familiar to them. While sober living isn’t for everyone, it is a good aftercare resource for people who don’t yet feel secure about their recovery.

How do people benefit from time spent in a sober living home? First and foremost, sober living gives recovery addicts more time to distance themselves from their addiction diseases. A few more months of accountability to the addiction treatment community is often a good thing.

Second, sober living homes provide much-needed structure. There are rules and regulations that all sober living residents must follow at all times. For a lot of recovering addicts, creating structure in their lives is one of the things they need the most.

Finally, sober living homes are great places to develop camaraderie with people who face similar struggles in their lives. Friendships are forged in the form of support resources someone can lean on when they feel they are nearing a relapse. With this extra line of defense against temptation and one’s trigger, it’s far more likely each individual will be able to stay in recovery.

Before you concern yourself with sober living, you need to get help for your addiction. That is something we would be glad to help you with when you are ready. All you need to do is pick up the phone and call one of our representatives at 866-963-7200. This one phone call could be just what you need to save your life.