For what reasons can you be kicked out of sober living?

Once you leave a rehabilitation center and decide that a sober living home is right for your recovery, it is important to follow the rules and regulations set forth by the facility you choose. While every program will have different rules that will need to be followed, as well as certain behavioral expectations that you will be asked to adhere to, there are certain things you can do that will often get you kicked out of the program and out of the home. Read on to learn more.

Drug Use

The number one rule across all sober living homes is that you are not allowed to do drugs of any kind while living in the home, including alcohol. If you have a legal prescription, the program must be made aware of it so that they can monitor your usage. Even knowledge of drug use by another member of the home may cause you to be kicked out.

Additionally, drug paraphernalia is not allowed at a sober living home.


Violence against another member of the sober living home will likely cause your dismissal. You may also be removed if you are caught fighting outside of the home, even if it is with someone who doesn’t live there. Threats of violence may also be enough to cause your removal, especially if they are frequent.

Disruptive Behavior

Continuously disrupting in-house meetings or acting out to the point of disrupting other residents may be enough to cause your removal from the home. Speaking out against the sober living home, their practices, or their staff is also greatly frowned upon. The reason that these are issues is due to the fact that negativity may hinder another addict’s recovery.

Refusal of Urine Tests

You will be asked to submit to random or scheduled urine tests the whole time you are living in a sober living facility. If you refuse to provide a urine sample, the home may have reason to remove you. Since staying sober is the goal of every resident of the home, it is important for everyone to be clean from all drugs and alcohol. You must also disclose any prescription medications legally given to you by a doctor.

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