What is a halfway house?

Addiction not only changes your life, it can also be life-threatening. If you are suffering from an addiction, there is a way for you to get your life back on track after initial detox; halfway houses. This specific type of house is a place where people can stay clean and re-immerse themselves back into society. But there is more to a halfway house than meets the eye. We will be going over what halfway houses are and what you can expect living in one.

What is a halfway house?

The basic premise of a halfway house is a safe place where people recovering from addiction and work towards getting their lives back on track. However, halfway homes are also a form of shelter for people who have criminal backgrounds. Halfway houses often “compete” with sober living environments for a few reasons. One of these reasons includes freedom. You see, sober living environments are somewhat strict on what people can do. This includes doing chores and maintaining curfew. Halfway houses offer their residents a bit more freedom. Granted, this freedom depends on how the halfway house is run. Some mandate its residents to get a job while others do not. This is done to ensure they pay the rent. Insurance does not cover the cost of halfway houses in most areas simply because the whole purpose of a halfway house is to instill independence in the people who reside there.

What To Expect From Living in a Halfway House

Halfway houses may allow you to have a bit more free reign, but there are still rules and regulations you are expected to abide by. The rules of a halfway house vary, but they all abide by the same basic ones. The basic rules of a halfway house includes:

  • Obligation of remaining sober
  • Always attending your scheduled therapy or 12-step program
  • Go to work on time or diligently apply for one
  • Respect the other residents
  • Do not start trouble
  • Do not steal from others

Again, the rules of each halfway house vary, but most of them follow this basic set. Addiction can throw a person’s life way off course, but that doesn’t mean it has to remain as such. This is what halfway houses are for; to live life normally again. Contact us at 866-963-7200 for more information today.